My first post at HN, after very long time..

Just telling about this idea hoping it is doable and someone does it..I can't do it. If it is already there then please do tell about it.

The idea: Create a system where when player character collides with something in the game world, the player movement in real life is blocked/restricted accordingly.

How? By creating a gyroscope like thing with exoskeleton in it, which the player gets into it and controls his/her game character with player's movement.

The exoskeleton will have at least 2 types of movement blockers...strings for weak body parts like fingers and hydraulics for trunk and thighs.

There will be a bounding box/sphere around player character in the game, and any triangle or mesh that intersects with it will be transferred to this gyroscope/exoskeleton (GyroSkillz) computing unit for collision detection and will stop any body part that has collided.

This system is about collision with the game environment...not only is for everything like stepping on stairs or going up a ladder or fighting in skyrim with axe...etc.

This if made, with StarVR or PiMAX will be excellent.

Gamers might turn into hulks.

GyroSkillz can be used for many other applications too...not only gaming.

I hope this can be done...and can be DIY with a 3D printer and parts from Amazon...and open-sourced software for the computing unit.