Sometimes you just need a good prayer hack. What do you do when you have difficulty believing your prayers? You cannot see what you want manifest and you have trouble staying in a faith mindset. That’s when you need a prayer hack to help you work with the mind the way the mind works. Before we get to the prayer hack, let’s understand what we seek when we pray. The whole secret to answered prayer is learning to raise within ourselves the feeling that what we prayed for has already come to pass. When we pray as if the thing we want has happened, we collapse the distance between ourselves and the thing prayed for. Neville talks about this feeling approach to prayer in many ways. In this chapter, he refers to it as the vibratory correlate. You get a correlate when “either of two things so related that one directly implies or is complementary to the other.” For example, calling a man “husband,” implies that he must have a “wife,” for he cannot be a husband without one. So, a vibratory correlate is the feeling you get in your body when the thing you want manifests. The whole secret to answered prayer is learning to produce that feeling before the thing you want appears. Tonight, we learn four prayer hacks to get around the problem of limited faith! To read the corresponding blog post: If you'd like to join the live conversation on Zoom, please visit: We're using Neville Goddard's "Prayer: The Art of Believing": Here's a PDF of Goddard's book: Want to support this ministry, please visit: Follow the PayPal button to donate. Also, check out The Money Poems by Sherri James and Mark Allen Felton: