When I was 21 my moms health turned for the worst and she passed away. When she went into hospice, I was simultaneously diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called, Alopecia Universalis. I lost all of the hair on my body in 6 months and became faced with the hurdle of loving the new "me." My purpose for doing this is to raise awareness for Alopecia. There's currently: No known cause No known cure No known safe/effective treatment & Most insurance companies will not cover wigs unless the patient has cancer or leukemia. & maybe get the attention of Ellen or someone who can broadcast this worldwide and finally give alopecia the attention it deserves. **My Proof:** EDIT: WOW! I’m floored with the responses! Thank you guys so much for being interested in alopecia and helping to raise awareness. HERES MY BEFORE PIC: EDIT 2: no I don’t have nose hair. I didn’t think this would be asked this much lol EDIT 3: oh god, I fell asleep. I work overnights. I’m so sorry!! I will answer as much as I can. YAY #alopeciaawareness EDIT 4: Just because there's been several comments... I use Sephora brand eyelashes #21 Audacious and sephora "Plume" lashes, Anastasia eyebrow powder in "taupe" and I use a specific eyebrow brush from Anastasia. EDIT 5: 18:14 I have to say, I'm absolutely blown away with this response. I am so so so happy that there's been some attention brought to Alopecia and it's challenges and I truly hope one day I can have my brown hair again. You've all helped more than you know, and thanks for gold!!!! :D EDIT 6: A day later and I am SO happy with this outcome! Thank you all for your questions and I'm so happy I was able to give all of you an insight on Alopecia!!!!