“If you’re a black man in today’s society and you found a dead body, what would you do?” This is the first Precise Exposure film & the directorial debut for Ryan Jordan Lewis. In this film Ryan jumps into filmmaking with style- in his own style. Adding a new way of storytelling to the adventure genre. Ryan wrote, directed, edited, cast, acted, and did all the promotion for this film. With little to no budget Ryan shows indie low budget films are still spectacles of relevance! He did all the cinematography for this film. (ON HIS CELLPHONE) (iPhone 6s+) He shot everything himself with 2 Moment Camera Lenses; The 18” Wide and the 60” Tele! Notes from Ryan— Hey guys! Thank you for all the support! This is the first of two submissions I will be having enter the Moment Invitational. With this being my very first film, I know there is room for tremendous amount of improvement and much to learn. Thank you for viewing my film, I hope you enjoy! — Ryan J. Lewis