Everyone’s been asking - where’s the footage from your last trip? Well - behold! It’s not 100% done but it’s good enough to share with everyone as it currently is. In case you’re wondering it was shot entirely shot with a Gopro Hero 5. It’s a huge upgrade from previous versions and if you use it right - you can get some stunning results. If you’d like to know the settings and how I approached the shoot - hit me up as I don’t want to geek out too much here. There were a lot of moving parts to shoot this video. To name a few I used a selfie stick, chest mount, head mount, floaty grip, 5 batteries, a red underwater filter, neutral density filters, and an underwater dome. But the real hero was the Gopro Karma grip. It’s a handheld gimbal that keeps the footage steady while walking. I also brought with me a “real camera” on the trip to take some photos. The body and lens aren’t water proof - but water resistant. Which means I can wash the salt off with fresh water and not have to worry. I also took a tripod (and a remote) with me so I can actually be in some pictures this time! Having a drone would have been awesome but it’d be impossible to shoot on land and in the air on trips where you don’t have a say. The excursion was a bit rushed as I would have loved to stay longer swimming with the pigs. Next time I’m going to skip spending money on a fancy hotel, Airbnb it and commission a private boat. And speaking of drones, it turns out that at customs they may confiscate it or have you leave a $800 -$1,000 deposit to make sure you’re not selling it to someone in the islands. Plus they’ll even hassle you to show a receipt of when you bought it. And by some luck from the heavens above - I passed through 2 custom checkpoints in the Bahamas, 2 TSA checkpoints and US Border Patrol with no extra hassle! My bag was so packed that the lady at the Boston Logan Airport literally told the x-ray guy to “just let him pass - he has mad [a lot] of stuff”. The Exuma islands are amazing and the water is so clear that it’s said it can be easily recognized from space!